There is no ‘standard route’ through years 10, 11 and 12 with timetables tailored to each individual student. The college invests in the latest technology which fosters student creativity, and its CBD location enable teachers to make the most of facilities within walking distance. Providing opportunity beyond the classroom to students enriches their learning and life experience, especially when lessons are held at the Universities, the law courts, theatre, museums, galleries or exhibition spaces, just to name a few spaces used regularly by the teachers and students at Eynesbury.  It also allows for student meetings or breaks to be enjoyed in the nearby Central Markets or cafes.

As Principal of Eynesbury College, I have an open door policy to the Eynesbury community and it gives me no greater joy than to witness the looks on the faces of parents and prospective students as I walk them through the College and they see the teachers working with students they know personally, operating in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It is uplifting, and provides our parents with real confidence, and students often point out the personal satisfaction and liberation they feel when learning in such an environment. I invite you to join me on a school tour to share with us the many things which make the College unique.