Students come to Eynesbury from locations all over Adelaide, Australia and beyond, for many different reasons. Some choose Eynesbury because of the wide subject offering and flexible university like timetables, or because they don’t feel as if they ‘fit the mould’ at their current school.

You don’t need to be a straight A student to apply to enrol in Eynesbury; we are more interested in being attitudinally selective than academically selective.  We welcome motivated students who really want to be here and work with like minded learners.

There is no uniform at Eynesbury, however your clothing should not be offensive or distract other learners. You are able to wear makeup, dye your hair and wear jewellery.

 When can I start?

Eynesbury accepts Year 9 Students as part of the Early Entry Program in Semester 2 for Year 10 Studies.

Eynesbury accepts Year 10 students throughout the year, but most will start at the beginning of Semester 1 or the beginning of Semester 2.

Year 11 students are accepted at the start of both Semester 1 and 2. Year 12 students are accepted at the beginning of the year only.  There are exceptions, so please get in contact should you have further queries.

Eynesbury accepts Year 13 students and mature age students needing to compete their SACE or complete pre-requisite subjects for a chosen University degree. Where possible, Eynesbury will work with you to accommodate your educational needs. 

What subjects can I study?

Eynesbury offers a contemporary curriculum with a wide and diverse range of subjects for Year 10, 11 and 12. If there is a subject that is not part of our offering, we are able to arrange courses through other institutions. 

Can I study subjects from the year above?

Yes, Eynesbury’s flexible timetable accommodates for vertical movement across Year Levels. For example, students in Year 10 can undertake Year 11 (Stage 1) studies (and occasionally Year 12–Stage 2). In Year 11, suitably prepared students can then take up Year 12 (Stage 2) studies, and Year 12 students may be able to undertake University studies. At the successful completion of Year 12 students usually receive 200 credits. Through Eynesbury’s vertical movement and flexible timetables, students can have up to 260 credits, allowing the largest range of choice of University courses and assisting with gaining the highest possible ATAR.

Will I make friends?

Of course! Eynesbury is a friendly and accepting place. With all three year levels sharing the same vibrant city campus, a supportive and inclusive environment is fostered.

We know that starting a new school can be daunting, however every year at Eynesbury all Year 10 students and about 50% of Year 11 and 12 students are new to the school. 

At Eynesbury, individuality is celebrated and once a student steps through the doors, they know they are an important part of the Eynesbury community. Students are quickly absorbed into the culture of independent learning and an ethos of understanding and respect. 

What if I don’t know what I want to study at Uni?

Not everyone has a clear idea about a career pathway for the future.

We have a dedicated careers area with up to date information and links to universities around Australia and overseas.

The student Counsellor is available to provide more detailed information as well as general advice.

The Mentor Program has speakers ranging from old scholars to professionals across a wide range of industries.

Work experience placements also help students gain an understanding of their strengths and career options. 

It is important that parents and caregivers, together with Eynesbury staff, help support students in the important subject and decision making process.