Year 10 is the first year of senior schooling at Eynesbury. In Semester 2, an Early Entry Program offers the chance to academically inclined Year 9 students to join the Year 10 cohort and give them a head start on their SACE and their senior schooling years. 

All students in Year 10 study a combination of core and choice subjects.

example year 10 timetable

The core subjects are:

  • English or English as an Additional Language / Dialect (EAL/D) 
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Personal Learning Plan (PLP)
  • Research Practices (RPr)
  • Science
  • Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE).

Possible choice subjects include:

  • Business Studies (ASX Stock Exchange Challenge)
  • Business Studies (Financial Literacy) 
  • Creative Writing
  • Drama (Theatre)
  • Drama (Film)
  • French
  • Nutrition (Stage 1)
  • Visual Arts

Some students may choose to undertake one or more of their subjects at other institutions, if we do not offer these choices at Eynesbury. These subjects may include VET programs, Music, Dance and Languages other than English (LOTE). We will liaise with external providers and arrange enrolment as well as continuing to monitor and support the students.

Studying an external course needs to be discussed at the Subject Selection Appointment prior to commencing studies at Eynesbury, as students’ timetables need to be structured around the time requirements of these other institutions. Eynesbury does its best to accommodate all courses available, however we cannot guarantee timetable flexibility if this process is not completed ahead of time or before final timetabling procedures are completed.

Incoming Semester 2 students will undertake a subject counselling process after the enrolment interview. Subject selections will be based on successfully completed subjects and future directions. Selections will also be dependent on vacancies in classes and on planned subject choices for Stage 2.

Students who earn an A or A+ grade in their subjects in Semester 1 may be offered an opportunity to join regular Stage 1  SACE classes in those or related subjects in Semester 2. This is part of Eynesbury’s individualised programming allowing accelerated learning opportunities. 

All Year 10 students will be involved in the Eynesbury Mentor Program. This incorporates Health and Physical Education.

We recognise that student interest and future pathways can shift in the course of the first semester in Year 10. We acknowledge that some students encounter difficulties in some areas of study not previously identified. With this in mind, some students may want to change subject choices for Semester 2 and, in consultation with academic advisers and subject to timetable availability, Eynesbury will work within the framework to provide the best outcome for students. 

The relationship between students and teachers is the heart of the Eynesbury difference and academic success. Staff, students, old scholars and parents continue to positively comment on the flexibility provided by the many features built into Eynesbury’s workdays. We have two hour lessons, a university-like ‘stretched’ day starting at 8:35am and finishing at 5:10pm, and a clear expectation that unscheduled time is used effectively. The sample timetables below demonstrate the commitment Eynesbury makes towards connecting its structure with university-style education and giving students the preparation they need for life beyond school. 

There is a gradual increase in independent study opportunities from Year 10 through Year 12. By the time our students enter their tertiary careers they will have the ability to shape their own learning and to take control. 

Download a copy of the short guide to Year 10 Subject Selection

Download a copy of the short guide to Year 10 Subject Selection

Download a copy of the detailed subject selection guide

Download a copy of the detailed subject selection guide